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, they changed from yesterday. only near 20 in washington and nearby suburbs. teens around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. these are the wind chills. winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. feels like single digits. southern shenandoah valley and very charlottesville to richmond at this hour. that's the zone by the way under a winter storm warnings into the carolinas they can get heavy amounts of snow open we're on the northern ends of this storm here in the washington area. doesn't look like we'll get much. we'll have a blustery cold day today, partly cloudy with highs only near freezing and that snow moving in tomorrow and we'll have some accumulating snow with highs in the 20s. sun returns on sunday and monday. i expect for us starting about 6:00 tomorrow morning ending by 6:00 p.m. about two to four inches around the d.c. metro area. that band in the middle to the north, just a dusting. but south of fredericksburg to near charlottesville and into central virginia four to six inches. southwestern virginia they can get over 10 inches of snow from this storm. now jerry, how is the t
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good wednesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us on this early wednesday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is chilly outside. >> we are back to wintertime. the dose of summer whether it is long gone. the approaching storm, is it still approaching? >> the store is still out there. some of the models are saying it might stay further to the south. -- the storm is still out there. the next couple of days will be key to keep watching them to see how they progress. we are in the 20's this morning. 30 in southern maryland. let's look at the maps. plenty of sunshine this morning. partly cloudy. temperatures in the mid 40's. not a bad day. some moisture could move them by friday night. let's say good morning to lisa baden. >> good morning. just got off the phone with metro rail on their supersecret hot line. all trains are operating on all lines from metro rail. as far as interstate travel, it is all good. 95 is good between richmond and baltimore. good on the beltway from the
want to ask about the president -- the games that washington plays and this is just washington and it's -- there is still talking as if the president is not the head of the government, that almost 60% of americans think. i think it's higher than that. it's terribly dysfunctional. mark halperin, at some point isn't there a disconnect between the president that owns washington, d.c., lock, stock, and barrel and the president that talks about, oh, you people in washington, that's just the way that washington -- you -- every day, they do that every day. oh, you silly washington people. you know, the problem is that the people in washington -- you washington people. >> i think that's a problem and i think there are two related problems. another one, they have played the washington game. they made a back room deal with the pharmaceutical industry. been involved with the dirt of the legislative process, and the other problem is, to some extent you have to play the washington game, and to some extent by turning their noses up at it, they've alienated a lot of washington. that may not be attra
>> greta: tonight, mr. brown goes to washington! >> i think it is premature to talk about that appreciate your support. senator mccain as you now know was one of the first to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it is a long shot but i'm with you, if you feel you can win it. >> safe to say on behalf of the republican conference we are really happy to have him here. >> i have a lot to learn and i'm thankful that people on both sides of the aisle have made my initial visit here certainly very pleasant. >> you feel that you are being cored by democrats? >> listen, i've always had great respect for senator kerry, always. we have worked together on other issues. i know we are going to work together on issues in the future. >> we have an article in here today because you elected my job is going to be easier. i hope that is the case. >> i appreciate the across the aisle gesture and i'm hopeful we can work to solve the problems of our great country. >> good to see you. >> i voted for health care bill in massachusetts and it was a great bipartisan effort. so it is cle
heard from two former u.s. president to help the people of haiti. today, "the washington post" about this and ask the question, for how long? this is sunday, january 17 and would begin with the u.s. efforts in haiti. we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton who was there yesterday. u.s. troops tried to prevent chaos in haiti's capital city. lutie louis coates flares were order breaks down. this question -- will there be a long-term u.s. commitment? the numbers are on your screen. the president will commemorate the birth of martin luther king and will campaign today for martha coakley for the senate seat given up by the death of ted kennedy. we'll talk about that later in the air but first, this piece this morning from "the washington post." clinton believes that the country can come back stronger in the future. bearing so, bottled water and other supplies, secretary clinton flew into the battered capital and told the haitian people that the u.s. will be here today, tomorrow, and in times ahead as the u.s. struggles to organize a relief effort for a barely functioning haitian
are a bit milder than they were this same time yesterday morning. mid-30s in washington and low 30s in prince george's county. montgomery, arlington and fairfax counties right near 30 degrees. and it's right near the freezing mark around the region. we do have a cloud cover, slight chance of a sprinkle or a flurry late this morning. it will drop back into the 30s by sunset and then the teens by dawn tomorrow. this accompanied by gusty winds this afternoon and overnight tonight, gusting to 30 miles per hour. much colder friday, increasing clouds with highs near freezing. saturday perhaps light snow around the metro area but very light amounts. heavier amounts central and southern virginia. remaining cold into sunday. how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well along the i-270 spur. right side of your screen, northbound. no early hangups to report. elsewhere the trip to the wilson bridge looking good both inner loop and outer loop no worries out at the bay bridge. 95 southbound south kings dominion word of an accident involving a truck. eastbound 66 we're okay. no worries either way righ
district of columbia. right now 36 in washington. in the low to mid-30s in montgomery, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties but where that snow and sleet is falling and the rain as well freezing up in parts of the northern shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the bay in the upper 30s. there's a winter weather advisory, loudoun, howard, shenandoah valley and that warning zone all those counties in pink could get some significant icing there as the day progresses. had light icing overnight along with sleet and snow. showing a developing area of low pressure around cape hatteras as that low deepens it will dra in colder air, change the rain into light notice. light snow in washington, suburbs, all around the region by late morning and off and on through the afternoon but just a trace for total accumulation arnd the metro area. but further west and north two to four inches of snow and sleet as we get into the late afternoon hours. all this will ends. quarter inch of ice in the shenandoah valley. all this ending by late afternoon cle
institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. have been defrauded. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's find out the latest from that storm that may or may not be approaching. >> it is approaching but it will mainly be to the south. here is the latest this morning. it is moving through texas. it is picking up gulf moisture. it does take it on a track to keep it just to our south. did this right along the virginia/north carolina border, at virginia beach. they could pick up a foot or more of snow. it gets less and less as you move north. a couple of inches to ourself. advisors and warnings this morning. they are all down to our south. the closest we have this st. mary's, sponsor of an. here is your forecast. -- spotsylvania. gusty winds this morning. temperatures near 30. we will talk about snow totals coming up. >> not much to talk about on the highys. there's plenty of that molasses stuff was already spread around
was loud and exciting, a visionary and a pioneer. news4's megan mcgrath joins us live from the washington national cathedral where our friend and colleague is being remembered this morning. megan? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. everyone is basically moved into the cathedral right now. any moment now the memorial is going to begin. it is expected to be a very personal memorial. just a handful of speakers. a little while ago family members arrived herate at the cathedral, as well as some of his closest friends, among them joe gibbs and sonny jeen son and everyone here to play tribute to george michael and his legacy. george michael is a member of our news4 family for nearly 28, but he was so ch more than that. he was a huge innovator through his sports casts and his syndicated television show, "the sports machine," george changed the way local news was covered and he was just an innovator in that field. his use of game highlights from around the country revolutionized local sports reporting and he took it way beyond the coverage of just the local teams. he really stepped it up a notch.
a letter of recommendation. >>> good morning. it's a brand new ball game here in washington as the president heads to capitol hill this wednesday, he's dealing with a congress that's been dramatically altered by the stunning win in massachusetts of republican scott brown to fill the seat held for 46 years by ted kennedy. health care reform is this trouble. this morning, a reminder that this all takes place in a still dangerous world. a new audiotape that appears to be from osama bin laden in which he specifically talks about the failed bombing on christmas day. joining us, david axelrod. david, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> that was the week that was. republicans are stoked, democrats are shocked. polls in general are showing that the public is rapidly losing confidence in the president's policies and his leadership. by way of illustration, "time" and "news qun week" this week, the inspiration gap. how the trail blazer became the stymied president. did the president fail to connect with ordinary americans or is this a sign that the country is rejecting his ap
weather in wash you -- in washington you have to be ready for it. it's possible we could see sleet, snow and freezing rain across the washington area. i'll show you the satellite radar and again at this hour no problems. increasing clouds. showing you the clouds on the southern and southwestern horizon. increasing throughout the day and eventually the clouds will win out and the rain will start to move in. it moves in after 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. so the commute this morning and later today should be just fine, we're concerned about the overnight hours later tonight. winter storm watch, it looks like the worst of this is off to the north and west. here in town, no advisories at this hour but we do have a winter storm watch issued for counties well off to the west and north and west of washington, including martinsberg, hagerstown is under a winter storm watch going into affect later tonight and through the afternoon on friday. and counties in white is upgraded to a winter storm warning. and the heaviest accumulations, 2-4 inches of snow and freezing rain and sleet as well, are most likely
are delayed. two inches of snow and sleet and closer to washington overnight we had about half an inch to just maybe a tenth of an inch of snow and sleet, far northern montgomery county and into parts of loudoun county, frederick county and panhandle of west virginia and around the northern blue ridge. the regional radar, see those areas of moving color, that is where you see the blue and green that's rain. we're getting scattered light rain across virginia. those pink zones mixing with a little bit of sleet. scattered sleet in the shenandoah valley. panhandle of west virginia. sleet and light snow moving into the southern shenandoah valley and southern west virginia. now, this precipitation is going to be lingering here for all the y into the afternoon hours. some heavier rains right now just off the outer banks. an area of low pressure is over eastern kentucky now and another area of low pressure beginning to form around the outer banks. with that outer banks low deepens rapidly it will draw in colder air from the north and change this precipitation over to some periods of snow and sleet by
into new york, we were in washington. we had lunch over at the white house with the president of the united states. the restrictions, i want to be up front with our viewers, what we can and can't report, but to make a long story short, it was a fascinating opportunity that all of us had to get some insight into what he will do and won't do tonight. it should be no surprise to our viewers, the emphasis is going to be not on health care, but on jobs. >> on jobs, jobs, jobs, and the president will try to make a down payment on fiscal constraits and definite at this time vie ducks. to echo -- this is a tradition, past presidents have done it. it's gracious of the president to share his thoughts and his staff to share his thoughts. the president feels more comfortable in the past. this is the third time in the hall for a joint session, the first one officially the state of the union, and obviously well aware of the significant challenge he faces. the health care reform, but the question is, can they punch it in? and what can they do in this environment post the special election in massachusetts,
lawmakers to task for changing the tone in washington. >> the way these issues are being presented, by the republicans, is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives. what happens is, you guys then don't have a lot of room to negotiate with me. >> reporter: the gop response to the president's visit, cautious optimism. >> it's unprecedented in my 26 years. it's a little bit like a first date. both are anticipative. they're expectant. they both have friends that didn't want them to do it. >> reporter: house republicans say their party has been mislabeled as the party of no. and they urge the president to consider their plans for deeper tax cuts and health care reform. the president promised to review those plans. >> all right, rachel. >>> for all the people that crashed c-spans serverers. >>> ron is here withhe rest of the news on afghanistan. >> good morning, everyone. four afghan soldiers have been killed in a clash between an afghan army unit and a joint afghan force, that both mistook the other for the enemy. they were conducting separ
, but it will be a snow producer for you skiers in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. here in washington a bit of everything but primarily rain. fredericksburg already reporting a little bit of light rain. overnight tonight, there's that area of low pressure which by tomorrow will begin reforming off the coast. but as that happens, it will keep us under cold air so it will be a chilly, damp kind of a really raw rain. then as it moves off, there's a brief period of snow. then as we get into saturday, sunrise and the next area of storminess, some of that left over from the big western storms will be a rain-producer. a rain-producer for us as we get into sunday. so for the timeline by midnight, some chilly rain mixed with sleet right here around washington. maybe even wet snowflakes, too. a bit of ice for tomorrow morning. northern par of maryland. fauquier coun, those areas. there's that snow in western maryland. as the storm begins to move off, it all moves off. perhaps as a period of light, wet snow. but no accumulation. rain developing then but mixing with and changing to some sleet, fr
brought together his family, the news4 family, washington sports world and others. it was a service at the national cathedral as a fitting good-bye. >> it was nice. it was a nice time. it's been a month since george michael passed away. his memory looms larger than life. a pioneer, a legend and mentor to many, including me, was remembered and honored at the national cathedral today. the crowd was chockful of hall of famers and friends. hundreds poured in to pay their respects and hear stories about george. some that have never been told and some that will never get old. it was everyone's day to remember the man we dubbed "the king." jim vance was perfect. joe gibbs, appropriate. george's daughter michelle, as touching a tribute as you'll ever hear. after, a pair of redskins' hall of famers told us what made him one of a kind. >> he could ask y the tough questions. he never felt like, to me, that he was trying to get me. he would say things to me like, you don't believe that, you know what i mean? i would get halfway mad and go, yes, i do. he had a great way of, i think, doing the to
, but bringingand guns into the work place, especially in washington, d.c. or anywhere really beings is unacceptable. you can't do it. you want your employees to feel safe. we are lucky something serious didn't come the out of it. i think the league has to send a strong message. we wanted to send a strong message also. >> reporter: this is far from over. we have to wait to find out what will happen when gilbert gets sentenced and then what will the organization do in terms of that long-term contract he has. we'll hear from david stern, as well. >>> one day after another accident on metro tracks. transit leaders are trying to figure out how to save money. metro board held a meeting tonight to hear from riders about service cuts and a potential fare hike. elaine reyes is at metro headquarters tonight. >> reporter: board members listened to a lot of concern and sometimes angry customers. they took it in and plan to vote on budget cuts tomorrow and will implement those changes in march. the reasons varied, but this drought had the same message for board members. >> these proposals laid before me are cho
potomac. this was that great polar orbiting satellite. here we are in washington. a few high clouds. if you look close, there'she potomac. you see the brown. that is the run-off and the sediment coming down the potomac. a few clouds out to our west. we'll be seeing some clouds tomorrow. how about that big -- the potential for a saturday storm. here's a question in line with what may be coming our way for the weekend. how many of washington, d.c.'s ten biggest snowstorms of all time started on a fraiday or a saturday? you'll have the answer and i'll tell you what it means for this upcoming friday and saturday. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> virginia state police confirm now that the remains found in a remote farm field do, in fact, belong to missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. the 20-year-old woman disappeared in october after attending a rock concert. a farmer spotted the remains yesterday in a remote part of his property, which is about ten miles from the concert venue. here parents went to charlottesville today to remember their daughter and to thank those that help
today, mr. brown heads to washington after his massachusetts upset. what some call the mass revolt. the nation's newest senator makes the rounds on capitol hill. >>> california dreamin. maybe not now. days of rain force cliff sides to give way. look at those shots. they are forcing hundreds of evacuations. is there any relief ahead? >>> ott also on the same day the president poses new restrictions on banks, billions in profits. those details are ahead. you're watching msnbc. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at >>> downtown scotty brown. that's what they called him when he played college basketball. today he's heading from boston to the capital where he's been meeting with some
on "andrea mitchell reports," game change, the hot new book making waves in washington even before it hits stores. today on "the daily rundown," white house chief of staff rahm emanual explaining why the president accepted harry reid's apology for racially insensitive remarks. >> he knows harry reid. he trusts harry reid and harry reid has absolutely the confidence of the president and the rest of the democratic caucus. >> critics still want reid to resign, republican critics, we should say, resign as majority leader. >>> comments on reopening the national conversation about race. >> i don't understand what's demeaning. i've talked to any number of black elected officials over the years, reporting on this book. and all of them have been called worse, including barack obama. >> an apology to america. he has insulted a great number of persons. >> other juicy book notes? candidate obama's frustration with joe biden. sarah palin's divine inspiration and a bo dice-ripping screaming match between john and elizabeth edwards. and, of course, hillary clinton's reality check to barack obama on her h
saying farewell to conan on the "tonight show." >>> now back to the big story in washington. how are democrats going to get health care done in nbc's mike viqueira joins us now. there are all sorts of theories to the case. one theory i'm hearing right now, they don't have a working theory. mike, what can you tell us? >> reporter: chuck, they say that politics is the art of the possible. if that's true, nancy pelosi and president obama, it is time for them to paint their masterpiece because this does not look good. they met yesterday in nancy pelosi's office, the democratic leadership of the house. meeting again this morning. they still do not have a solution. one thing that's clear, the option of taking the senate bill, as if it wasn't already obvious by now, and simply passing it in the house, the votes are not there for nancy pelosi. people in the middle upset. conservatives within the democratic caucus upset. of course liberals are upset. they don't want a accept a senate bill with no public option. a lot of the other compromises that were made that they believe have cost demo
questions about the congressional budget agenda. from the nation's capital, this is "washington journal." host: good morning. we will get to your calls in just a minute. we are interested to hear from you now that you had 24 hours to absorbent the massachusetts election. talking to your friends, reading some of the blogs and newspaper analysis. we would very much like to hear your analysis for what it means for the parties of the big policy initiatives. we will get to your calls in a minute. emily pierce is our first guest, joining us by phone. front-page story on a "roll call." the question is the biggest policy issue, health care. after a day of observing it, what our leaders saying? guest: in the immediate aftermath they are saying we need to take a deep breath and think about what we need to do. at the same time, they are exploring this option of the house perhaps taking up the senate bill and just send it to the president. in order to do that, you would need an agreement by the senate to pass a separate bill through budget reconciliation rules, the need for 60 votes, that w
knows it. there's some weird tension in the hallways. "morning joe" live from washington starts right now. ♪ ♪ oh you're the best friend >> harry reid is a friend of mine. he has been a stalwart champion of voting rights, civil rights. this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense. >> okay. >> that makes no sense at all. nothing to see here because people talk that way all the time. if republicans talk that way, i am just dead certain he'd say the same exact thing. >> the president is saying move on. it was about him. i think he can chime in. welcome, everyone, to "morning joe." >> i'll buy that. >> you will? >> no. no. you know what, though? he needs to pass health care. >> and move on? >> that's very important. so they'll pass health care, then perhaps harry will be asked to go back to searchlight, nevada, or wherever he's from. >> well, we'll see how his election goes. it is tus, january 12th. and on the set with us to
's on the table in washington. because of the lack of -- and, again, it's not because of the lack of voter in at the ele er . it is because it hadn't been explained adequately enough when people are more worried about their ticket, their job. >> and i was moved by the fact that scott brown mentioned teddy kennedy. i knew at the same time that he would be upsetting some of the people in his base that voted against teddy kennedy every opportunity they had, and it just struck me that tonight, or last night he was riding high, just like barack obama was a year ago this is where it gets tough for a republican in massachusetts. just like it got tough for barack obama, just like scott brown, he was an agent of change. >> you know, before we go to this. your take on that is really interesting. my take was similar to your take. listen to scott brown listen to teddy kennedy. what's going through my mind is scott brown spoke more at length and more glowingly of ted kennedy than martha coakley did on the stump during her campaign. >> your right. >> unbelievable. >> and last night, very telling that th
that is our headline this thursday night, mr. brown goes to washington. senator elect scott brown had a full schedule on capitol hill today. meeting first with arizona senator john mccain in his office. >> i'm honored that senator mccain as you now know is one of the first people to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it's a long shot but i'm with you if, if you feel you can win it. i wanted to thank him for that support. >> sean: later emit with -- he met with mitch mcconnell, senator john kerry and harry reid found enough time on his busy leave his smokey backroom behind those closed doors that we've grown accustomed to, to greet the senator elect. >> you're going to end the senate at a time when the country is in deep trouble, as you know that was a lot what your campaign was about. i look forward to working with you. >> sean: you can feel the love in that room. it seems without a super majority prince harry has to accept the fact his health care bill is dead. brown's overwhelming victory impacts more than the debate over health care in america. his victory mashes the begin
are they making contingency plans? get this. one of the things they are talking about in washington, taking the senate bill, passing it as is in the house, which means it could go straight to the president's desk for signature and work out the details later. >> norah o'donnell. >> stay there, norah, we'll be getting back to you. i'm surprised. first of all, cliff from "cheers," but curt schilling, how do you get a yankees fan to boston? let's play martha coakley talking about -- head democrats say she's probably the most clueless -- this is a democrat. so, please, bloggers, put down the cheetos, don't attack me. democrats saying she is the most clueless candidate they have ever seen in their life. this is her talking about curt schilling, the yankee. >> the iconic figure, curt schilling. anybody who has suffered with the red sox. hold on -- hold on. one of the most iconic movements of the last century of the boston red sox is curt schilling's bloody sock. >> it's not like they are talking about coco crisp. they are talking about curt schilling. >> for those in new york who don't quite get i
until 5:00 this evening. and thousands of people have flocked to washington today. they're reacting to that legacy of roe v. wade. the march for life may well be the biggest event, but it's not the only one. tracee wilkins joins usive from downtown washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we're here on the mall where folks are making their way down here for the opening ceremonies for the march for life. you can see, they're crowding in here very quickly, but earlier this morning, there was a special program meant just for the pro-life teenagers. ♪ all god's people say amen >> reporter: it looks like a rock concert, except for the priests pushing it up and the party nuns. >> i feel like it's just celebrating life and it's just so exuberant and such a good experience. >> reporter: this pro-life rally and mass for life is meant for young adults and children. there aren't pictures of aborted fetuses or mangled small bodies here. those images are replaced with signs talking of regret after abortion and celebrating the life. it's the kind of delivery that's catching on. >>
and the scuffles in the street continue. >>> here in the washington area, many people are still working hard to raise money for the recovery in haiti. in a few minutes, we'll have a report on an event tonight in which the ambassador from haiti spoke about the challenges ahead. >>> outside right now, temperatures are falling fast. they won't be rebounding tomorrow. bob is here with more on the frigid air and potential for snow around here. hi, bob. >> hi, doreen. as a matter of fact, our temperatures this afternoon were in the mid 50s. right now 28 degrees. that's not all. there are the areas under the winter storm watch for saturday, not tomorrow. it is to the south roughly from fredericksburg, spots vainia, stafford and charlottesville. look at the areas under the warnings. this is where i think the track of the storm will be. to our south. we are going to be on the fringe. temperatures looking out to our west into the teens. we'll be seeing very, very cold air continue to come in on us. for saturday, i think there could be several inches of snow. mainly to the south of washington. it will
and it is picking some up right around the washington area. so what this says to me that is there is a little bit falling from the clouds but not really hitting the ground but the fact that it is falling from the clouds is enough for me to want to say that you could encounter a light flurry or sprinkle this morning as you head out the door. we'll keep our eyes on that. that is what is showinup there. no reports of anything hitting the ground. here is a look at the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school this morning. temperatures in the mid-30s, low to mid-30s depending on where you are. mostly cloudy skies. cool start to the day. sunrise will be 7:18. it will be mostly cloudy this morning. current temperature, 36 in town. humidity has gone up so more moisture in the atmosphere. your forecast for today, a mild day, not bad. temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to the low 50s. 50 in town. 51 in waldorf. 47 in winchester and it will become rather breezy this afternoon. wind blowing around 15 to 25 miles per hour gusting higher than that as a cold front comes through. so there you go
"hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, obama visits the elephant house. president obama met with house republicans today in an extraordinary confrontation. carried live here on msnbc. it was an event the likes of which we have never seen. never seen ever, akin to the prime minister's question time over in great britain. the president took the republicans' questions up in baltimore and he did it with passion, precision and expertise. it reminded a lot of people why they voted for the guy in the first place. was history made today? a new precedent for, maybe just breaking the political gridlock in this city. >>> don't ask, don't tell, will that policy finally be changed? a man from pennsylvania has a unique experience of being a congressman and former navy admiral. he'll say why it's time to go. >>> we start with president obama and the remarkable meeting with house republicans up in baltimore. here's the president at the beginning of that event today. talking about the tone of washington, and specifically, the big fight over health care. he began by
of democrats on health care. in washington, wbal-tv. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. did the president's state of the union address leave you optimistic about the future? email us your response to >> 15 days after the earthquake in haiti, there are still people being rescued. a 17 year-old girl was rescued from the rubble in port-au- prince. she was transported to a hospital. the national guard has been called into service to help the haitians survivors. a plane will fly out middle river this afternoon carrying some plies. -- supplies. our reporter made it back to tell after being in haiti. have pulled a girl out of the rubble in port-au-prince. from haiti and talked about his experience. >> he pulls the blanket down and it is her daughter. he said, where do i take her body? i said, i know there is a more here at the hospital, but i do not know where it is. he took the body back up and walked off. >> you can see the full interview on our website be sure to look at the pictures on the front page. he will be the guest on our show thi
changed washington. >> congratulations. that's a great win. >> just a few weeks ago, this republican seemed on a lonely campaign as he drove across the state in his now famous gmc truck. >> thank you, thank you, thank you so much. >> now he's a national star. and the 41st republican senator. the one vote blocking the president's reform plan. i caught up with scott brown on his tour to thank the voters this week. his morning routine does not yet reflect his new celebrity. doing the household chores, walking the family doing, snuggles. and eating at a local restaurant. i wanted to know what it is that makes him to appealing practically overnight. you have a fascinating resume. at 12, you were arrested for shoplifting. >> right down the street. >> you remember the place. okay. >> i do. >> at 22, you posed nude for "cosmopolitan" magazine. for the past 30 years you've been in the national guard. your a lieutenant colonel. now the newly elected senator of massachusetts. you're a star. what do you most want to accomplish? what is your passion? >> what i'm most proud of is being married for
around and see the supreme court stop change at the door and let federal institutions run washington. and voters were mad before, they are really going to be upset now. >> john heilemann, there was a story you told the other night when we were at "time" doing the "game change" roundtable. brrr accident o barack obama made so much money -- had so much money he raised from a lot of wall street guys, a lot of hedge fund people, a lot of oil company people, that they had this room where they just made up thousands of ads that they knew they were never going to use, but they did it just to test market. i mean, in virginia, northern virginia, a couple of weekends, obama outspent mccain 200-1 in 30-second spots. obama raised more money than anybody else and now he's trying to hold this populist mantel over him. i don't know how easy that will be if americans know the facts. >> i think that democrats need to confront it in general. the democratic party has over the last 20 years and obama is the culmination of the trend, has become the big money party. i mean, if you travel around new york c
and detached. >> glenn: i felt so eremote and detached from washington, i didn't know what they were doing. like where's waldo? where is obama? what happened to him? can we get a picture of him from time to time? there were 158 obama interviews in the last year. 411 speeches, comments and. stays in his first -- statements in his first year. how much touch do you think we need from him? you know what? if we could have just seen him without his shirt on, then maybe oh! oops, we did. maybe just an occasional photo with him and his wife -- okay, we got that, too. wow! that would have been great, huh? we didn't see him enough. the man was every place! the only place he didn't show up in, was my bedroom to personally talk to my wife and make sweet love to her. at least i don't think he did. i'm pretty sure that was john edwards doing that. but i'm not sure yet. because so far john edwards is still denying it. what obama either doesn't understand or maybe he just doesn't care is that what america is needing is president that is maybe not a radical revolutionary trying to fundamentally transform a
republicans. the president says americans want washington to focus on jobs not bipartisan bickering. the gop claims they have the answer and hand delivered them to the president. 37 minutes, that's all it took for a jury to convict a man who said he killed a prominent abortion provider in order to save the lives of unborn children. we'll take you live to the courthouse in kansas. >>> james o'keefe issued a lengthy statement about his arrest at a senator mary landrieu's office. we'll have that and the reaction from the federal prosecutors considering a grand jury indictment. >>> a ufo sighting in ireland. is this the video that could prove it? we'll talk to one expert that believes it could be true and has been investigating ufos for years. the big picture starts now. >>> good evening, i'm david shuster. my colleague tamron hall is off today. during a confrontation live here on msnbc news, president obama addressed house republicans at their retreat and then took a series of questions aimed squarely at his agenda. the president made his case for health care once again by calling out the repub
in washington, d.c. heavier snow towards richmond. when you look to the south, we have freezing rain into southern virginia and in north carolina. freezing rain is just a nature to travel in. you can't get traction on the roads. the problem is we are not looking at a let-up. we see the temperatures. it's really cold out there. 19 degrees in richmond. 19 in roanoke, virginia. 22 in raleigh and 26 in charlotte. if you are in this region, this is the perfect weekend to just stay inside. we are not going to see a meltdown for a while. it will stay cold today, tonight and tomorrow. taking a look at what we can expect of the rest of the day, the heavy snow will persist in this region. thanks to this dome of high pressure right here, what we are going to see is a blockage keeping the storm further to the south, the northeast looking much better and dry. cold, but dry. more coming up. >> thanks, bonnie. >>> this fierce winter storm could get even worse in the carolinas. record snowfall there maybe topped off by a treacherous ice storm. tamara standing by in north carolina. very snowy, while
for washington. >> sounds good to me. 17 minutes after the 5:00 hour. happy thursday. we begin with a look at the capital beltway. maryland, everything is clear north of the district. inner loop is checking out fine, as well. pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, crane highway, this remains an accident-free zone. keeping things we moving. we move in to dc, where check it out, no traffic. it is on capital street and the suitland parkway. 95 in virginia, if you are making your way out of fredericksburg to the springfield interchange you are looking at maybe a 50 to 55 minute commute. no incidents along the way and good news here. check out our trains, metro, vre and marc, all are on time. over to you. >> thank you. >>> here's a look at the living well headlines. scientists in california say they have taken a huge leap forward for rejen retive medicine. they transformed skin cells from mice in to brain cells bypassing the need for stem cells. the findings could one day make it possible to use skin cells to train spinal cord and brain diseases like parkinsons or alzheimer's disease. >>> higher m
immediately and firmly apply their brakes. t.j. winick, abc news, washington. >>> aftershocks continue to terrify the people of haiti. just offshore, the u.s. navy hospital ship, "comfort," is adding more medical personnel to its crew and increasing its capacity. more than 1,400 planes are waiting for clearance to land and bring more aid to haiti. the government is also working on relocating some 400,000 people left homeless to settlement camps. >>> and tonight here on abc, you can see the hope for haiti telethon, beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. organizers say in addition to the all-star entertainment lineup, 130 celebrities will be taking pledges over the phone. >>> the tennessee man accused of killing a soldier outside a recruiting center last year now wants to plead guilty. and for the first time, abdulhakim muhammad is admitting he has ties to al qaeda. this comes from a handwritten note. in it, he tries to justify the attack. muhammad says it was the justification of killing muslims by u.s. troops. >>> house speaker nancy pelosi is throwing in the towel of health care reform. she
's second year. with me now, dan with the "washington post." the politico's john harris. an honor to have both of you here tonight. the big question is, what is the president's predicament, john harris, and the same question to dan, what is his predicament now as you size it up politically? john? >> his predicament was a year ago he said he was going to do big things and he challenged in his inaugural address that big things couldn't happen. he said the ground shifted on him. and we have to say a year later the ground has shifted on obama. the big bang he was going to come out as governing strategy in the first year has not come to fruition. he's a year in office and he doesn't have that sort of major policy achievement. he's got some things he points to as sk sess, but he clearly has not executed the big bang. and in the post-massachusetts landscape, those things are going to be more unattainable. what he's in need of is a political strategy now that the old strategy has failed. >> let me go to dan on that. do you believe the fact, it seems it's manifest he hasn't done the big thing yet,
postcards of all the places that at&t has coverage... spokane, washington; boston, mass. san francisco, tulsa, oklahoma... dated a girl from there. warren, michigan... didn't work out. bozeman, montana; daytona beach, florida; madison, wisconsin... good college town. i think we get the picture. [ male announcer ] if you want coverage, we've got it. at&t. this valentine's day, buy any smartphone after mail-in rebate and get any messaging phone free after mail-in rebate. that's what's gonna happen here. ♪ because you're tasty with toasty whole grain. [ crunch ] wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. the crunch is calling. the republican caucus every few months. >> a line from the "godfather." back to "hardball." president obama met house republicans in baltimore today. it was a spirited contentious and sometimes tense 90 minutes that made for great political theater. if you like that sort of thing. we're joined by the "washington post" kerry bacon and jim vogel. i've got to get your take as journalists on this event. history making, perry? many think so. >> yeah. very unusual to ha
. >> would provide them locally in washington, d.c., and at our martinsburg, west virginia campus and online. >> our most adults going towards the online agree? >> we are. we have managed to develop an integrated environment on line and we teach those skills employers told us they are looking for -- teamwork, collaboration and effective communication. >> the number to call is 703- 647-1533. the professionals are here until >>> details coming out about former presidential candidate john edwards. >> edwards made a s tape with his mistress and a former aide found a copy of it. >> sex, lies and videotape -- the edwards scandal is getting more worrying. >> we are aghast. it is a sex tape of his mistress and john edwards. you never see her face. it is a visibly pregnant woman. >> elizabeth edwards is standing by her man no more. just yesterday, it was announced the couple is legally separated. this came one week after the allegations in the book the politician." >> he tried to convince our to have an abortion. he tried to convince her to have -- >> in his book, he detailed how he helped to cover u
. there will be improvements to the amtrak northeast corridor which links washington, new york, and boston. the president has brought vice president biden with them. mr. biden, of course, a champion of rail travel who rode amtrak himself from wilmington, delaware into washington for years and years. the president said in his "state of the union address" that it is simply unacceptable that europe and asia have high-speed rails and the u.s. does not. the projects here in florida expected to eventually create 23,000 jobs, but the key word there is eventually. $8 billion is not really enough money to complete even one high-speed rail project. it is only now to do the planning, development, some of the land acquisition. the real jobs back, the track playing jobs, the clearances and stuff may be years away. this will provide, however, some immediate stimulus money for general electric and more than two dozen other companies. some of those companies will be foreign companies, including hitachi. trace: isn't that what the republicans are complaining about? too much spending and not enough saving? >> reporter: and th
of the "washington post" and tom defrank of the "new york daily news". >> he has been defined by other people. he has been defined as a radical and he has failed to fight back. >> he has to do something that is, i think, counterintuitive for them as a white house. he ran as his own biography. people... it was about him in the campaign. he now has to make it about the voters. >> he can't go to the left because he doesn't have the votes in congress for the agenda that he thought he... that he thought he would have that the point. he just doesn't have the votes so he has no choice but to go to the cent. but keep his seine terrorism twined up with the populist appeal and that's going to be tough. >> rose: we continue this evening with the number-one book in the country. is it about politics and the election of 2008, "game change" is the book. the authors are mark halperin and john heilemann. >> there has to be aprogram that fits into that narrative that appeals to obama republicans just as reagan had a program that appealed to reagan democrats. >> rose: or independents or growth in well, both, because in
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